Secret of the Golden Flower 2

LuDongbin-GoldenFlower1Chapter Two: Original Spirit and Conscious Spirit

第 二 章 元 神 識 神

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Lu Zu said, “In comparison to Heaven and Earth, Man is like a mayfly. In comparison to the Great Dao, Heaven and Earth are also like a bubble or shadow. Only the Original Spirit and True Nature transcend beyond space and time.
吕 祖 曰: 天 地 視 人 如 蜉 蝣, 大 道 視 天 地 亦 泡 影. 惟 元 神 真 性, 則 超 元 會 而 上 之.

The Jing and Qi need to comply with Heaven and Earth, otherwise they are but like discarded pieces of broken earthenware. But after locating the Original Spirit these are then without limits. This then is the entire cause of Heaven being born and Earth being born. When students are able to embrace and protect the Original Spirit they can overcome the external of arising of yin and yang, and no longer abide within the Three Realms. But only those who can see their Nature can do this.
其 精 氣 則 隨 天 地 而 敗 坯 矣. 然 有 元 神 在, 卽 無 極 也. 生 天 生 地 皆 由 此 矣. 學 人 但 能 守 护 元 神. 則 超 生 在 陰 陽 之 外. 不 在 三 界 之 中. 此 惟 見 性 方 可.

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