Secret of the Golden Flower 3

LuDongbin-GoldenFlower1Chapter Three: Returning the Light and Embracing the Center

第 三 章 回 光 守 中

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Ancestor Lu said: “Who was it that revealed the term “Returning the Light? It was first revealed in the writings of the True Person (Guan Yin Zi). When Returning the Light, then the Qi of Heaven and Earth, of yin and yang, can completely congeal together. This is also what is called Thought Essence and Pure Breath.
吕 祖 曰: 回 光 之 名 何 昉 乎. 昉 之 自 文 始 真 人 也 (卽 関 尹 子). 回 光 則 天 地 陰 陽 之 氣 無 不 凝. 所 謂 精 思 者 此 也. 純 炁 者 此 也.

Pure imagination is the secret for beginning practice.  It is as though in the middle of one’s being, there is a non-being. After the long work is finally completed, it will be as if  beyond the body there is another body. It will be as if in the middle of non-being, there is a being. One hundred days of focused work is needed, only then will the effort be genuine and become Spirit Fire. After a hundred days within the Light there will naturally develop one droplet of True Yang, and then quickly a Millet Pearl will be produced. Just like when a man and woman unite in intercourse and there results an embryo, one then must simply be calm and await it. The returning of the light is then the Fire Process.
純 想 者 此 也. 初 行 此 訣. 乃 有 中 似 無. 久 之 功 成. 身 外 有 身. 乃 無 中 似 有. 百 日 專 功. 功 才 真. 方 為 神 火. 百 日 後. 光 中 自 然 一 点 真 陽. 忽 生 黍 珠. 如 夫 婦 交 合 有 胎. 便 當 靜 以 待 之. 光 之 回. 卽 火 候 也.

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