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Nine Methods of Taoist Breathing

Taoist meditation, Nourishing Life Arts, and Internal Alchemy practices all incorporate some or all of the following nine breathing methods to help mobilize the Qi. These represent the nine classifications and training methods for the breath, falling under the Taoist theories of “regulating the breath” (調息, tiao xi) and “refining the breath” (鍊息, lian xi)....

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Secrets of Taijiquan Posture Names

This blog reproduces material from the ongoing series on Taijiquan posture names that appears in our monthly Newsletter. It will be updated on a continuing basis.   In 1919, Master Xu Yusheng (許禹生), an early student of the Yang family, published an incredible and informative book simply titled, Taijiquan (太極拳), one of the earliest literary...

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