Yellow Court Meditation Seminar – Part Two

The Original Teachings of Internal Alchemy and Qiqong

Instructed by Stuart Alve Olson

The Yellow Court Meditation includes three main areas of practice: Absorbing the Mists accumulate Qi in the Five Viscera. Thunder Rites open the lower Yellow Court in the body, and Illumination of the Spirit leads to uniting all three Yellow Courts into one, and congealing the Qi and Spirit.

The Yellow Court Meditation Seminars (and DVDs) contain an abundance of insightful information that will render an entirely different, and more effective, perspective and approach to Internal Alchemy and Qigong practices.

Those who attended the first seminar in January 2017 or who purchase(d) the DVD series of the First Seminar can register for Part Two. Those who attend both seminars will be given a teaching certificate for the Yellow Court Meditation Practice and be listed on the Sanctuary of Tao website. See Alternative E-Course below for those unable to travel to Phoenix.

Yellow Court Meditation Seminar—Part Two
September 2nd & 3rd

Seminar Fee: $395

Hours: Saturday—9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. Sunday—8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Limited to 10 participants. Register now to reserve your spot!

Registration fee: $100 (Non-refundable if participant cancels. Full refund if the Sanctuary of Tao needs to cancel). Balance of $295 due by August 26.

Seminar Fees

Alternative E-Course Yellow Court Program

As with the First Seminar, a DVD series will be available for anyone unable to attend in person (and free for all seminar participants).

Those who purchase the Yellow Court Seminar DVDs can also receive a teaching certificate later by taking three online consultations with Stuart Alve Olson to ensure they understand the information and practices.

Click here to order the First Seminar DVD series from Valley Spirit Arts.


Pre-order the Second Seminar DVD Series now to save $50 off the retail price:

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