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Secret of the Golden Flower 2

LuDongbin-GoldenFlower1Chapter Two: Original Spirit and Conscious Spirit

第 二 章 元 神 識 神

Translation © 2013 by Stuart Alve Olson.
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Lu Zu said, “In comparison to Heaven and Earth, Man is like a mayfly. In comparison to the Great Dao, Heaven and Earth are also like a bubble or shadow. Only the Original Spirit and True Nature transcend beyond space and time.
吕 祖 曰: 天 地 視 人 如 蜉 蝣, 大 道 視 天 地 亦 泡 影. 惟 元 神 真 性, 則 超 元 會 而 上 之.

The Jing and Qi need to comply with Heaven and Earth, otherwise they are but like discarded pieces of broken earthenware. But after locating the Original Spirit these are then without limits. This then is the entire cause of Heaven being born and Earth being born. When students are able to embrace and protect the Original Spirit they can overcome the external of arising of yin and yang, and no longer abide within the Three Realms. But only those who can see their Nature can do this.
其 精 氣 則 隨 天 地 而 敗 坯 矣. 然 有 元 神 在, 卽 無 極 也. 生 天 生 地 皆 由 此 矣. 學 人 但 能 守 护 元 神. 則 超 生 在 陰 陽 之 外. 不 在 三 界 之 中. 此 惟 見 性 方 可.

It is said, “The origin comes from the eyes in the face. When common person leaves the womb the Original Spirit dwells in the square inch [between the eyes], but the Conscious Spirit dwells below in the heart.” Beneath the face is the heart of flesh and blood, and it is shaped just like a large peach, and covered by the wings of the lungs, aided by the liver, and assisted by the large and small intestines. Supposing a person for one day did not eat, the heart would become greatly uncomfortable. When hearing something startling, it jumps. Hearing something enraging, it becomes melancholy. Seeing death it is grieved, or when seeing beautiful forms it is dazzled.
所 謂 本 來 面 目 也. 凡 人 投 胎 時. 元 神 居 方 寸. 而 識 神 則 居 下 心. 下 面 血 肉 心. 形 如 大 桃. 有 肺 以 覆 翼 之. 肝 佐 之. 大 小 腑 承 之. 假 如 一 日 不 食. 心 上 使 大 不 自 在. 至 聞 驚 而 跳, 聞 怒 而 悶. 見 死 亡 則 悲. 見 美 色 則 眩.

The Celestial Mind is in the head, how could it even be minutely moved? If asking, “Can the Celestial Mind not be moved?” The True Mind-Intent is within the square inch, how could it be moved? Even if there was such a time it really could be moved then it is not in a favorable condition, when correctly it should be extremely favorable. At the time when common people die it moves, but this is also not a favorable condition. But when in an extremely favorable condition the Light will then congeal into a spirit body, and gradually this immortal-spirit will penetrate directly through the desire for movement. But this is a secret that has not been transmitted for thousands of years.
頭 上 天 心, 何 嚐 微 微 些 動 也. 問 天 心 不 能 動 乎. 方 寸 中 之 真 意, 如 何 能 動. 到 動 時 便 不 妙. 然 亦 最 妙. 凡 人 死 時 方 動. 此 為 不 妙, 最 妙 者, 光 已 凝 結 為 法 神. 漸 漸 靈 通 欲 動 矣. 此 千 古 不 傳 之 秘 也.

The lower Conscious Mind is like a fierce and powerful warrior-hero taking charge, he despises the Heavenly Ruler because he feels he is weak, and so from a distance attempts to take leadership for himself, seeking to topple and replace him by forever using a Tai E sword, but the Primordial Palace is fortified and guarded by a brave and wise ruler who resides on high. In Returning the Light the two eyes act like two great ministers at the right and left who give support and defend the ruler with their very hearts. When he rules from the interior all is pure, and all good heroes present themselves with lances reversed ready to follow his commands.
下 識 心, 如 强 藩 悍 將. 欺 天 君 暗 弱, 便 遙 执 紀 綱, 久 之 太 阿 倒 置 矣. 今 凝 守 元 宮, 如 英 明 之 主 在 上. 二 目 回 光, 如 左 右 大 臣 尽 心 輔 弼, 内 政 既 肅, 自 然 一 切 奷 雄, 無 不 倒 戈 乞 命 矣.

In regards to the Elixir and Dao, these three secrets act as the Illimitable—Essence (Jing)-Water, Spirit (Shen)-Fire, and Mind-Intent (Yi)-Earth. What is Jing-Water? It is the Qi of the True One of Before Heaven. Shen-Fire is then the Light. The Yi-Earth is then the Central Palace of the Heavenly Mind.
丹 道, 以 精 水 神 火 意 土 三 者, 為 無 上 之 訣. 精 水 云 何. 乃 先 天 真 一 之 炁. 神 火 卽 光 也. 意 土 卽 中 宮 天 心 也.

Shen-Fire acts as the function; Yi-Earth is the substance; and Jing-Water is the foundation. The common person creates their body through mind-intent and bodies are not prohibited to those becoming a seven-foot tall body. Additionally, within the body is the Earthly-Spirit. The Earthly-Spirit is attached to the consciousness and its function. The Earthly-Spirit depends on the consciousness and its life. The Earthly-Spirit is yin and consciousness is substance. If the consciousness is not interrupted, it will continually exist though the ages without end. The changes in form of the Earthly-Spirit are easily done and unceasing. Besides this there is the Heavenly-Spirit that is concealed within the Shen (Spirit). The Heavenly-Spirit resides in the eyes during the daytime and houses itself in the liver at night. When residing in the eyes, it sees. When housed in the liver, it dreams. Dreams are the wanderings of the spirit through all the Nine Heavens and Nine Earths, even in the smallest fraction of time it can go everywhere.
以 神 火 為 用, 意 土 為 体, 精 水 為 基. 凡 人 以 意 生 身, 身 不 止 七 尺 者 為 身 也. 益 身 中 有 魄 焉. 魄 附 識 而 用, 識 依 魄 而 生. 魄 陰 也, 識 之 体 也. 識 不 斷, 則 生 生 世 世. 魄 之 變 形 易 貭 無 已 也. 惟 有 魂, 神 之 所 藏 也. 魂 昼 寓于 目. 夜 舍 于 肝. 寓 目 而 視. 舍 肝 而 夢. 夢 者 神 游 也, 九 天 九 地. 剎 那 歷 遍.

When waking if feeling murky and abysmal, this is a result of being chained to the bodily form, which is to be chained to the Earthly-Spirit. Therefore, Returning the Light is to refine the Heavenly-Spirit, and this protects the spirit and regulates the Earthly-Spirit, and so consequently to cut-off the Conscious [Mind]. The method brought forth by the ancients was to refine the yin to its greatest extent to eliminate the debris [of the Conscious Mind] in order to revert back to the Purity of the Creative [Pure Yang], and this is nothing more than just dispersing the Earthly-Spirit in order to bring perfection to the Heavenly-Spirit. Returning the Light is then the secret for dispersing yin to regulate the Earthly-Spirit. Even if without the work of reverting back to the Creative there is still the secret of Returning the Light. The Light is then the Creative, and Returning is then the reverting back. Just embrace this method and naturally the Jing-Water will become sufficient; the Shen-Fire will come forth; the Shen-Earth will be firmly congealed, and then the Sagely-Embyro will be produced. The Dung-Beetle rolls a ball, and within the ball there is clearly life. So with its focused spirit it can do the pure work, so within a ball of dung it can still create an embryo that will depart from its skin. Likewise, if the place of my breath and substance of the Heavenly Mind could focus the spirit on this, why should we not be able to produce another body with ease?
覺 則 冥 冥 焉. 淵 淵 焉. 拘 于 形 也, 卽 拘 于 魄 也. 故 回 光 所 以 煉 魂. 卽 所 以 保 神, 卽 所 以 制 魄. 卽 所 以 斷 識. 古 人 出 世 法. 煉 尽 陰 滓, 以 返 純 乾. 不 過 消 魄 全 魂 耳. 回 光 者, 消 陰 制 魄 之 訣 也. 雖 無 返 乾 之 功. 止 有 回 光 之 訣. 光 卽 乾 也. 回 之 卽 返 之 也. 只 守 此 法, 自 然 精 水 充 足. 神 火 發 生. 意 土 凝 定. 而 聖 胎 可 結 矣. 蜣 螂 轉 丸, 而 丸 中 生 白, 神 注 之 純 功 也. 糞 丸 中 尚 可 生 胎 离 壳. 而 吾 天 心 体 息 處. 注 神 于 此. 安 得 不 生 身 乎.

If the one efficacious True Nature has descended into the House of the Creative, and is able to divide the Heavenly-Spirit and Earthly-Spirit so the Heavenly-Spirit can dwell in the Heavenly Mind, the yang, and transferring the purity of the Qi. This is acquiring the natural arrival of the Ultimate Void, and with the Primordial Origin it is the same form. The qi of the Yin Earthly-Spirit sinks and is turbid, it is bound to form and the fleshy heart. The Heavenly Spirit finds life good, and the Earthly-Spirit looks to death. All pleasurable forms, movements, and energies are the doings of the Earthly-Spirit, and this is the Conscious Spirit. After death it prospers through being nourished by blood. Through great suffering it survives, so it is Yin reverting to Yin, all like things are attracted to each other. All students should exhaust the Yin Earthly-Spirit so to bring about the Pure Yang.
一 靈 真 性 既 落 乾 宮. 便 分 魂 魄. 魂 在 天 心, 陽 也. 轉 清 之 炁 也. 此 自 太 虛 得 來. 與 元 始 同 形. 魄 陰 也, 沉 濁 之 氣 也, 附 于 有 形 之 凡 心. 魂 好 生, 魄 望 死. 一 切 好 色 動 氣 皆 魄 之 所 為. 卽 識 神 也, 死 後 亨 血 食, 活 則 大 苦. 陰 返 陰 也, 物 以 類 聚 也, 學 人 煉 儘 陰 魄, 卽 為 純 陽 也.

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