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Secret of the Golden Flower 1

LuDongbin-GoldenFlower1The Supreme One’s Platform on the Secret of the Golden Flower

太 乙 金 華 宗 旨
Tai Yi Jin Hua Zong Zhi

Attributed to the Immortal Lu Dongbin (Lu Zu)
吕 洞 賓 (吕 祖)

Translation © 2012 by Stuart Alve Olson.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without prior written permission from Stuart Alve Olson and the Sanctuary of Dao.

Chapter One: The Celestial Mind

第 一 章 天 心
Lu Zu said, “The naturally-just-so is called Dao. Dao is without name and form. It is the sole Nature of one’s self and the sole Original Spirit of one’s self. Nature and Life are invisible and reside within Heaven’s Light. The Light of Heaven is invisible and resides within the two eyes. Coming from ancient times the True Immortal handed this down word-by-word, transmitting each so each can be obtained.
吕 祖 曰: 自 然 曰 道, 道 無 名 相. 一 性 而 已, 一 元 神 而 已. 性 命 不 可 見. 寄 之 天 光, 天 光 不 可 見, 寄 之 两 目. 古 來 仙 真, 口 口 相 傳. 傳 一 得 一.

“Now, seeing the transformation of the Exalted One, who revealed and transmitted the particulars of the flower according to the two sects of the southern and northern. The Complete Reality is regarded as the Ultimate Blossoming, and it blossoms because of the flourishing of the multitude of disciples; it deteriorates because of the lack of teachers passing on the true teachings, and so it has been until present times. The Ultimate overflows, the Ultimate exceeds all limits, the Ultimate is reverting. Therefore, the honored ancestors through their clarity and wisdom brought forth compassion and universal salvation. The very platform of this transmission is separate and outside of religious teachings, a controlled guide of higher fundamentals.
自 太 上 見 化, 示 華 递 傳 某. 以 及 南 北 两 宗. 全 真 可 為 極 盛, 盛 者 盛 其 徒 眾. 衰 者 衰 于 心 傳, 以 至 今 日. 濫 泛 極 矣. 凌 替 極 矣. 極 則 返. 故 蒙 淨 明 許 祖. 垂 慈 普 度. 特 立 教 外 別 傳 之 旨. 按 引 上 根.

Listen, even if a thousand eras of difficulties are met with, yet if receiving these assembled teachings then instantly the suffering mind will come to completely rely upon the honored ancestors. But there must be within the daily functions of human affairs, a decision to follow the foundations of this method in order to cultivate the True Realization of Nature, then I may presently acquire the benefits passed down by the masters. To begin, The Supreme One’s Platform on the Mystery of the Golden Flower must be explained. Afterward, the particulars must be spoken of and the meaning of the Supreme One, the Illimitable.
聞 者 千 刧 難 逢. 受 者 一 時 法 會. 皆 當 仰 體 許 祖 苦 心. 必 于 人 倫 日 用 間, 立 定 脚 跟, 方 可 修 真 悟 性. 我 今 叨 為 度 師, 先 以 太 乙 金 華 宗 旨 發 明. 然 後 細 為 開 説, 太 乙 者, 無 上 之 謂.

The secret of the elixir consists in always applying action (wei) in order to achieve non-action (wu wei). One must not seek to leave out the steps in between, so to penetrate it directly. The maxim handed down to us is to take on the work of Nature. In doing so it is important not to fall into the methods of secondary schools, then [this teaching] will be so profound and marvelous.
丹 訣 總 假 有 為 而 臻 無 為, 非 一 超 直 入 之 旨. 所 傳 宗 旨, 直 提 性 功, 不 落 第 二 法 門, 所 以 為 妙.

The Light is then the Golden Flower, and what is the color of this Light? The Golden Flower is used as an image. The secret meaning of this one Light is that it dwells internally, and is the True Qi of the Supreme One. This is what is meant by, “lead and water are but one in the same.” Returning the Light is the work and it must be completely employed or the method might become confused. Gather the thoughts of the Celestial Mind. The Celestial Mind resides between sun and moon [the two eyes].
金 華 卽 光 也. 光 是 何 色. 取 象 於 金 華, 亦 秘 一 光 字 在 内, 是 先 天 太 乙 之 真 炁, 水 么 鉛 祇 一 位 者 此 也. 回 光 之 功, 全 用 迷 法, 注 想 天 心, 天 心 居 日 月 中.

The Yellow Court Scripture states, “The field of the square inch is within the house of the square foot, and it is where life is regulated.” The house of the square foot is the face, and the field of the square inch is in the upper face. What could this be other than the Celestial Mind? In the middle of the square inch dwells the splendor. Within the Cinnabar Tower in the City of Jade dwells the Spirit of Utmost Emptiness and Utmost Spirituality. The Confucianist calls it “the Center of Emptiness;” the Buddhist, “the Terrace of Life;” and the Daoist, “the Ancestral Land,” “the Yellow Court,” “the Mysterious Pass,” or “the Cavity of Before Heaven.”
黃 庭 經 云: 寸 田 尺 宅 可 治 生. 尺 宅 面 也. 面 上 寸 田. 非 天 心 而 何. 方 寸 中 具 有 郁 羅 肖 台 之 勝. 玉 京 丹 闕 者 奇. 乃 至 虛 至 靈 之 神 所 住. 儒 曰: 虛 中, 釋 曰: 灵 台, 道 曰: 祖 土, 曰 黃 庭, 曰 玄 関, 曰 先 天 竅.

The Celestial Mind is a dwelling place where the Light completely serves as the elder master. Therefore, once Returning the Light, the Qi of the entire body is like a high sovereign reigning over everything, or like a holy king taking possession of the supreme position, and able to have the jade and silk of myriad kingdoms. Because the master’s essence is bright, servants and maids all obey his commands of their own accord, and each controls their own affairs.
盖 天 心 犹 宅 舍 一 般. 光 乃 主 人 翁 也. 故 一 回 光. 周 身 之 炁 皆 上 朝. 如 聖 王 定 都 立 極. 执 玉 帛 者 萬 国, 又 如 主 人 精 明. 奴 婢 自 然 奉 命, 各 司 其 事.

All you disciples, you only need to Return the Light. Just examine the truth of this profound and limitless secret. The Light is easy to move, but difficult to fix. If allowing this returning to continue for a long time, then it congeals itself, and this then will naturally become a spirit-body. The congealed spirit is formed beyond the Nine Heavens. This is called in the Mind Seal, “silently paying reverence” and “soaring upwards.”
諸 子 祇 去 回 光. 便 是 无 上 妙 諦. 光 易 動 而 難 定. 回 之 既 久. 此 光 凝 結, 卽 是 自 然 法 身. 而 凝 神 于 九 霄 之 上 矣. 心 引 所 謂, 默 朝 飛 升 者 此 也.

In carrying out this Mysterious Platform you need to seek for no other methods, but must only focus your pure thoughts on this. The Leng Yan Scripture says, “With pure thought one can fly and certainly will be born in the highest of Heavens.” Heaven is not the wide blue sky, but the place where the body is created in the House of the Creative. After a long time, there develops quite naturally a body outside the existing body.
宗 旨 行 去. 別 无 求 進 之 法. 祇 在 純 想 于 此. 楞 嚴 經 云: 純 想 卽 飛, 必 生 天 上, 天 非 蒼 蒼 之 天. 卽 生 身 于 乾 宮 是 也. 久 之, 自 然 身 外 有 身.

The Golden Flower is the “Golden Elixir.” Transforming into a bright spirit within each master’s mind. This is like cultivating a profound charm. Although in the end it is never off even by one hair, it is very accurate, and yet it demands extreme intelligence and clarity, and complete immersion and tranquility. Those without this highest degree of intelligence and clarity in their practice cannot obtain it. People without this utmost immersion and tranquility in their embracing of it, cannot obtain it.
金 華 卽 金 丹. 神 明 變 化, 各 師 于 心, 此 种 妙 訣, 雖 不 差 毫 末. 然 而 甚 活. 全 要 聰 明. 又 須 沉 靜, 非 極 聰 明 人 行 不 得, 非 極 沉 靜 人 守 不 得.

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