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The Legend of Li Qingyun Meets Scientific Life Span Experiments

Kingsley Morse recently wrote an article on the life span of Li Qingyun and sent the Sanctuary of Tao a draft copy to post in our blog. Kingsley says he maintains the world’s biggest collection of results from scientific life span experiments and whenever scientists test how something affects the life span of lab animals or people, he tries to get a copy of their paper, read it, and summarize its results in his big spread sheet. It currently summarizes over 15,000 experiments!

His article lists the scientific evidence for and against the possibility of a person actually living 250 years. Possible leads for living longer include meditation, eating rice, and taking herbs.

See his article here: Li_Qingyun_Legend_meets_Science.2

One Response to The Legend of Li Qingyun Meets Scientific Life Span Experiments

  1. tao mist August 27, 2016 at 8:35 pm #

    The point is, if Oneness methods of the current Avatar, Sri Ama-Bhagavan can produce some permanent degree of the state of Awakening, meaning ego is pushed aside, and it takes only 3 weeks for this to happen on the course at Oneness University, then what are we energy cultivators doing spending decades and hours a day meditating and doing qigong and tai chi? Because our social conditioning led us to believe that Awakening can take lifetimes. It is hard to believe that Nature sent a teacher with a new, quicker method. What ego wants to accept that perhaps we have been wasting our time with all of this inner energy cultivation when there is a new and more effective method available?

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