High Pat on Horse

高 探 馬
Gao Tan Ma

Photograph of Yang Chengfu with drawing from Chen Kung’s work.

Note: In some early translations this posture was called “Raising Higher to Handle the Horse.” Literally this term would translate as “Mounted Scout Sitting High on a Horse.” In general the idea is showing someone patting or swiping the hand over the horse’s head.

Posture Instructions

From the posture of Single Whip, the left foot draws back a half step into a left Insubstantial Stance. The left forearm presses down with the palm facing upwards, while the right hand knocks upward with the edge of the right horizontal palm.

Posture Applications

High Pat on Horse application relies on bringing the arm of the opponent downwards with a slight pulling action and then turning your palm upwards to twist the opponent’s arm. Simultaneously your other hand moves up along the opponent’s arm to their throat, striking the opponent with the outer edge of your palm. Within this you move into an Empty Stance so that the front leg can kick to the opponent’s shin or groin if the opponent attempt to pull or back away from you.

Translation Copyright ©2019 by Stuart Alve Olson

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