Turn Around and Make Left Heel Kick

回 神 左 蹬 脚
Hui Shen Zuo Deng Jiao

Photograph of Yang Chengfu with drawing from Chen Kung’s work.

 Note: An early English translation of this posture was Turn Body Around and Make a Heel Strike

Posture Instructions

Turn the body completely around from the west to the east, leaving the left leg bent and foot hanging. Both hands cross the palms in front of the chest but vertically separated. When the left palm moves out and getting near the object, the left hanging leg and foot makes an outward heel strike.

Posture Applications

An opponent comes to attack you from behind, so the body is turned around to face them in a superior position. When turning, the left leg is brought behind the opponent’s forward leg, striking the back of his knee to bring him off balance. The right hand then, with palm facing out, seizes the opponent’s wrist of the striking hand. The right hand pulls the opponent’s arm to the back, while the side edge of the left palm strikes out towards their face. Simultaneously, the left-foot heel kicks straight out to the opponent’s groin area.

Translation Copyright ©2019 by Stuart Alve Olson

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