Carry Tiger and Return to Mountain

抱 虎 歸 山
Bao Hu Gui Shan

Photograph of Yang Chengfu with drawings from Chen Kung’s work.

 Note: In some works this is translated as Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountainor Holding the Tiger to Bring it Back to the Mountain.

Posture Instructions

The right foot retreats one step to the right corner and behind, moving into an Insubstantial Stance with the weight in the left foot. When stepping the hands separate so that the right palm is facing back and the left hand behind is palm up. Then the movement is identical to Brush Knee and Twist Step.

Posture Applications

The practical use of this posture can be seen in two main functions:

1) The opponent kicks at you so you step to have your right foot so it is directly behind the opponent’s leg. Simultaneously, the right hand is adhered to the opponent’s chest, and the left hand is positioned under the opponent’s kicking leg in the crux of the knee joint. Then when turning your body to perform Brush Knee and Twist Step the opponent is completely flipped over.

2) As with the above the right foot and hand move identically, but the left hand and arm are moved back and around for momentum and thereby neutralizing an opponent’s strike to your body, then again Brush Knee and Twist Step are used to Push the opponent over.

Translation Copyright ©2019 by Stuart Alve Olson

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