Tales of Master Liang, 2

Often during a class Master Liang would dose off while the students performed the Taijiquan form to music, but always at the end of the music, when the recorder would shut off with a loud thunking sound he would immediately awaken. And, as always, he would act as if he had never been asleep at all.

On one of these occasions, a relatively new student decided to jokingly ask Master Liang if there was anything incorrect about his form. Liang looked at him, remained silent for a few moments, and then said, “Yes, your Diagonal Flying Posture is quite incorrect and we must correct it today.”

Thinking he had pulled one over on Master Liang, the student said, “Teacher, how could you know my Diagonal Flying Posture was incorrect when clearly you were asleep?”

Master Liang let out a chuckle, the kind that always seemed to shake his entire body, and said, “Your Diagonal Flying Posture was wrong the week before and the weeks before that, and since I have never corrected you, then it had to be wrong today, too.”

The student simply made a slight bow to Master Liang and replied, “You have bested me sir. Thank you.”

Later, after the students left I commented on how clever I thought he was. He laughed and said, “Some students cannot even see the tip of their nose today. How can I expect them to see anything from last week?”

© 2019 by Stuart Alve Olson

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