Needle at Sea Bottom

海 底 針
Hai Di Zhen

Note: Sometimes translated as Sticking Needle Into Bottom of the Sea or Placing Needle on the Ocean Floor.

Posture Instructions

From the posture Brush Left Knee Twist Step, the upper part of the body bends forward with the left retreating a half step back into a Left Empty Stance. The right-hand palm follows the bending of the body and abruptly sticks downward, with the left-hand palm placed next to the left knee. The eyes are to be kept gazing straight ahead.

Posture Applications

This is a Pulling application and resembles the idea of quickly attempting to stick an acupuncture needle into a water basin. The right hand seizes the opponent’s incoming strike by seizing the wrist and leading the opponent downwards. The left hand guards the forward left knee from being attacked by the opponent and to lend support to the quick bending forward motion.

Within this application, the intrinsic energy of Pulling is used and the quick motion of seizing and pulling the opponent’s wrist is meant to injure the spine, shoulder, and wrist of the opponent.

Translation Copyright ©2019 by Stuart Alve Olson

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