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Become a supporter of the Sanctuary of Tao with a $60 (tax-deductible) yearly membership.

As a non-profit that doesn’t receive funding from any government, academic or religious institution, we rely on the support of our community. Our members are the pillars of this organization, making it possible for this work of sharing Taoism with the world to continue.

We believe sharing this work benefits individuals and society as a whole, influencing people to live more in harmony with nature and each other.


To show our appreciation for our members, we strive to provide great value to your life by continuously adding content to our member area, including the latest talks, webinars, and recordings of various seminars and classes.

Featured Benefits
Celestial Immortal Members are invited to the the weekly Tao De Jing Class, through the Tao Talks Podcast and Q&A sessions, with access to the class recordings in the Celestial Immortal area. No need to register. Just access the Invitation in the Celestial Immortal Area and show up for the class on Sundays.

If we offered this as a regular class, even at the low price of $10 per class, that would cost hundreds of dollars per year, but with your $60 yearly membership this is like paying about a dollar per class. That’s a tremendous value. And this is just one of the many benefits of being a Celestial Immortal.

As a Celestial Immortal, you can access one of the course materials free on the Tao De Jing Meditation Audio page (a value of $29.95). We highly recommend a contemplation practice of listening to the Tao De Jing on a regular basis as the best way to engage with the text.

Other Membership Area Content

  • Recordings of Stuart discussing three Taoist books: Taoist Yoga, The Secret of the Golden Flower, and Taoism the Road to Immortality ($90 value)
  • Video lessons for the Four Seasonal Qigong Exercises (see our Calendar for start and end dates for each of the exercises) ($50 value)
  • Video lessons of the Five Animal Frolics Taoist Qigong Exercises ($39.95 value)
  • Yellow Court Scripture Lecture Series, focusing on Stuart’s volume 1 of the Yellow Court Book Series ($150 value)
  • And much more!

Also Included in the Membership

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