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Archive | Secrets of Taijiquan


In 1919, Master Xu Yusheng (許禹生), an early student of the Yang family, published an incredible and informative book simply titled, Taijiquan (太極拳), one of the earliest literary records on Taijiquan. Master Xu’s book appeared nearly twenty years prior to publications released by Chen Kung and the Yang family.

A portion of Master Xu’s book deals with the actual meanings of the Taijiquan posture names. He did this because the posture names during his time were just handed down verbally, and many pugilists were for the most part illiterate. Therefore, depending on the dialect and tones uttered by the teacher, the true meaning of a posture name and use could be misunderstood by students. Master Xu then wrote a record to ensure that the posture names tallied with the actual posture and application.


Fist Under Elbow

Photograph of Yang Chengfu with drawing from Chen Kung’s work. 肘 底 看 捶 Zhou Di Kan Chiu Note: Literally this posture translates as Seeing a Fist Under the Elbow or Look at the Fist Under the Elbow or even Punch Under the Elbow. Posture Instructions From Carry Tiger to the Mountain and performing the movements of...

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