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In the Tao Talks podcast, Stuart Alve Olson begins with a commentary on one chapter of Lao Zi’s Tao Te Ching each week. These discussions are based on Stuart’s translation of the Chinese text, recently published along with a Spanish translation by Suzanne J. Nosko Verastegui, entitled Scripture on Tao and Virtue (Tao Te Ching): Escritura sobre Tao y Virtud.

After the Tao Te Ching series is complete, The Tao Talks will delve into many aspects of Taoism, emphasizing how people can follow the ways of nature to improve their health, well-being, and life.

Nearly twenty-five hundred years ago in a remote northwest corner of China, a man departing from the ills and chaos of society wrote a short book called the Tao Te Ching. Advising people on how to live in harmony with nature and others, Lao Zi’s words have silently spread throughout the world, like mist descending a mountain to fill the valley below. Though as apparent as mist, these simple words have proven just as difficult to grasp. Having become the basis of a religion, influencing great artists and poets, and generating thousands of other writings from learned people attempting to explain his seemingly simple words, the teachings of the Tao Te Ching have culminated into what is now known as the philosophical and religious tradition of Taoism.

—From Being Daoist by Stuart Alve Olson

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