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Archive | The Jade Toad Immortal on the Tao De Jing

These translations of the Scripture on Tao and Virtue by Lao Zi (道 德 經 著 老 子) include the rare commentary by Taoist Immortal Bai Yuchan (白 玉 蟾, 1194–1229), more popularly called the Jade Toad Immortal. Bai Yuchan was the fifth patriarch of the Southern School of Internal Alchemy. Even though he only lived to age thirty-three, he was one of Taoist history’s most prolific writers, and is most well known for his discourses on Thunder Rites (雷 禮, Lei Li). The following texts present Bai’s insightful commentaries inserted within the Tao De Jing. A chapter of Bai’s work will appear in each monthly newsletter (and in our Tao Blog) until the entire book is ready for publication. Although there have been many excellent English translations published on the Tao De Jing, Bai’s commentaries give a fresh outlook on the inner meaning of this incredible work by Lao Zi, so it’s worthwhile to begin presenting Bai Yuchan’s interpretations to Taoist English readers.

Bai Yuchan 19

Scripture on the Way and Virtue, Chapter 19

With Bai Yuchan’s Commentary Restoring the Genuine 還 淳 Banish holiness (naturally bringing this about) and discard intelligence (naturally being stilent and being without thought), and the people will benefit a hundredfold (clarity and wisdom dwells within ourselves. Will the Qi to bring about the Spirit).  Banish benevolence (this is naturally listening to the self […]

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