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Celestial Immortal Area

In this Celestial Member Area, we strive to add value to your life through:

  1. Offering key foundational resources you can use to develop a practice to revitalize your health and spirit.
  2. Providing resources with guidance on Internal Alchemy that will help you restore youthfulness and awaken your spirit through your practice.
  3. Giving you in-depth opportunities to engage with the wisdom of Taoist Philosophy.

To continue showing our appreciation, we will regularly add new content here, including the latest talks, webinars, and recordings of various seminars and classes.

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What Is a Celestial Immortal?

Tao De Jing

Tao De Jing Audio Meditation
Tao De Jing Class Invitation
Tao De Jing Class Recordings


Taiji Qigong Instruction and Practice Video
Five Animal Frolics Taoist Qigong Exercises
Four Season Qigong Exercises
Nine Methods of Taoist Breathing
Seated Awakening and Illumination Lecture

Tai Chi Chuan

Yi Tai Chi Before Heaven Form
Tai Chi Chuan Applications
Tales of Master T.T. Liang

Internal Alchemy

Taoist Book Discussions
Taoist Illustrations & Translations
Yellow Court Audio Lectures

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