Great Compassion Chant

Studying, listening to, and memorizing mantras is a wonderful and fruitful adjunct to one’s cultivation and spiritual growth.

The Great Compassion Chant, even though Buddhist in origin, has long been adapted to many Taoist schools and teachers. The mantra has long been a discipline used for healing, protection, and developing spiritual skills.

For more information on this mantra and Guan Shi Yin, please read the Bodhisattva of Compassion by John Blofeld (Shambala Publications). Also, see the Great Compassion Mantra by Dharma Master Hsuan Hua (Stuart’s Buddhist teacher). Stuart first learned this mantra while residing at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Ukiah, CA, back in 1979, and he has always encouraged students to learn it.

Taoist Name
Ci Hang Zhen Ren
慈 航 眞 人
The Perfected One, Vessel of Compassion

Buddhist Name
Guan Shi Yin
觀 世 音
She Who Hears the Sounds (Cries) of the World

Da Bei Zhou Learning Version (Slow)

Da Bei Zhou Practice Version (Medium)

Da Bei Zhou Contemplation Version (Fast)


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