Taoist Chants

Chanting is an incredible practice that brings clarity to our mind, attracts good fortune, comforts our spirit, and above all helps us to feel like we are an integral part of the Tao.

Chanting calls upon our better natures. We all have great goodness inside of us, and chanting is a powerful tool for calling forth those qualities, which begin to fill up the space where the more destructive energies might otherwise reside, so those fade and transform as they become surrounded by the influence of these positive energies.

Taoist chanting, recitation and ceremony are simple acts, but they have profound and far-reaching effects. Just like a pebble cast into a pond, the ripples spread out in all directions and affect the entire body of water. Showing reverence each morning through the small acts of offering incense, bowing and chanting produce wonderful effects throughout the day.

Taoist Chants

Bowing and Offering Incense

Incense Offering PraiseThe Eight Great Taoist Spiritual Chants

Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Scripture ChantGreat Compassion Chant

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