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With any simple practice or teaching in Taoism there are always many more layers to delve deeper into, and many more ways to expand and strengthen your practice.

With our courses, you will learn insights that have been passed from teacher to teacher, that come from obscure books and texts (many of which have not yet been translated into English), or that have been discovered through the teacher’s direct experiences.

Combining this depth of knowledge with a logical, step-by-step manner of learning, our courses are designed to help you learn and absorb the teachings in the most optimal way—supporting your journey of transformation toward awakening and living vitally as your true self.

I Ching Seminar

Doors to the I Ching Course Closing Soon
You can still join for a limited time. The I Ching is the very foundation of Taoist philosophy and Chinese culture in general. The understanding of the Book of Changes is crucial to a student’s ability to understand the heart of Taoism. Click here for more information and to sign up.

Tao De Jing Class

Celestial Immortals Members are invited to listen live during the recording sessions of the Tao Talks commentaries on the Tao De Jing and ask questions afterwards. This class is free to Celestial Immortals. Gain a deeper understanding of these teachings by immersing yourself in this Tao De Jing Series. Become a Celestial Immortal and join us! Click here to learn more about the class.

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I Ching Seminar • Tao De Jing Class • Private Lessons

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