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With any simple practice or teaching in Taoism there are always many more layers to delve deeper into, and many more ways to expand and strengthen your practice.

Combining depth of knowledge with a logical, step-by-step manner of learning, our online and in-person courses are designed to help you learn and absorb the teachings in the most optimal way—supporting your journey of transformation toward awakening and living vitally as your true self.

Weekly Tao De Jing Class

Celestial Immortals Members are invited to listen live during the recording sessions of the Tao Talks commentaries on the Tao De Jing and ask questions afterwards. This class is free to Celestial Immortals. Gain a deeper understanding of these teachings by immersing yourself in this Tao De Jing Series. 

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Eight Brocades and the Longevity Methods of Li Qingyun Course

The practice of Eight Brocades, when paired with Taoist principles for approaching everyday life, will help you to develop and increase the flow of your internal energies- your Jing (bodily essences), Qi (vital energy), and Shen (spirit), creating a solid foundation for health and longevity in your life. In this four-session live online course, translator and author of “The Immortal: True Accounts of the 250-Year-Old Man, Li Qingyun,” Stuart Alve Olson along with Patrick Gross teach the version of these classic Taoist exercises that was done by Li Qingyun, a Taoist sage who lived for 250 years (1678–1933), along with his core teachings on daily habits and attitudes.

This course is now closed. Click here learn more about it and join the waiting list for the Spring 2020 session.

I had been practicing qigong for several years when a work-related relocation made me consider online classes. The quality of personalization and depth of these sessions have been amazing. We delve into all aspects of the practices, seeing the spiritual, emotional, and physical effects. Not only is the vastness of Stuart’s knowledge awe-inspiring—from the meditations, external movements, internal alchemy, to the esoteric meaning of a Chinese character, but the depth of his direct experience helps you incorporate these teachings into daily life where they take on real meaning.

Leda Watanabe

After knowing and learning from Stuart for about 15 years, we are always thrilled to take one of his new courses because he always delivers steady, reliable and new nuggets of wisdom in each course. The depth of the topics that Stuart covers are so profound, that you truly need a teacher of his caliber and background that you can follow year after year for the growth and assimilation of the knowledge to become embedded.

Mike Leoni & Colleen Inman
Zen Wellness Medical Qigong

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