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Taoist Practice

Through our free resource area, we provide resources that will get you started and/or enhance your practice of meditation, Qigong, Tai Chi, chanting, or scripture contemplation.

Taoist Philosophy

Through our blog and monthly newsletter, we present Taoist perspectives and concepts that you can apply to your practice and life to support your cultivation.

Taoist Calendar and Astrology

We also offer a Taoist Calendar with all the holidays, festivals, and auspicious days that Taoists recognize, as well as the Chinese Astrology for each day, month, and year. Here you will also find a chart and calculator with instructions for determining your, or anyone else’s, Chinese Astrological signs.

Taoist Community

We also invite you to “Like” our Facebook page to connect with a global community sharing Taoist topics, stories, and ideas, and receive support from our teachers and staff.

Sanctuary of Tao Membership

Become a supporter of the Sanctuary of Tao with a tax-deductible membership for just $9/month (paid annually for a total of $108/year) and you can,

  • Learn the 16-posture Tai Chi form that offers the same benefits as a long-form
  • Learn a Taiji Qigong practice you can do anywhere, in minutes
  • Learn Five-Animal Qigong to revitalize your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and stomach
  • Engage in-depth with Taoist philosophy and cultivation
  • And much more!

The membership will have new programming coming up soon, that we will be announcing in the next couple months.

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With any simple practice or teaching in Taoism, there are always many more layers to delve deeper into, and many more ways to expand and strengthen your practice.

Combining depth of knowledge with a logical, step-by-step manner of learning, our online programs support your journey toward wellness, wisdom, and awakening.

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