I Ching Seminar on Interpreting Images Using the 12 Branches and 10 Stems

This is an important seminar especially for those who have been studying the I Ching with Stuart because it contains a great deal of information that he has never presented before.

Chinese astrology and the Chinese calendar were originally based on the I Ching. There are five groupings of twelve hexagrams in the Book of Changes, each grouping is influenced by one of the Five Elements, thus producing the Chinese 60-year cycle. The twelve (lunar monthly) animal signs are also correlated with these Five Elements and twelve hexagrams.

In this seminar, Stuart will explain the logic behind the order of the 60-year cycle and five-element correspondences, and how the Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly Branches can be used as an alternative and supplemental interpretation means for divination and calculation.

The fee for this seminar is $108 and is available now in the Class Portal.

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