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I Ching Seminar

Six sessions left of the I Ching Course!

You can still jump in and catch up! And because we want people to get the most out of this in-depth subject, we want to offer a way to get even more out of your studies in this class.

For any student currently in the class or new student signing up this week, Stuart is offering 30-minute tutorial sessions every other week of the course, three sessions total, where he will go over what’s been taught in the last two sessions and explain things personally to you, answering questions until you get to that “aha” moment and things really click in your mind. We know this happens within the group class setting, so this is about having more of those moments, and getting the absolute most out of your time in the class. 

The benefits of private lessons are that you have Stuart’s full attention and focus so he can slow things down where you need more time, skip over or brush past things you already understand, and hone in on areas you are particularly interested in or confused about.

The price for these private on-one-on sessions with Stuart would normally be $75 dollars a session, for a total of $225. For this special one-time package of three private lessons, he will be offering it for $150 (that’s one free session, $75 dollars off). 

The closing date to sign up for the I Ching Seminar at the reduced rate of $320 is Sunday, Aug 25. After that the seminar classes and videos will be $460. Hurry and register now to save!

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For beginners or advanced students of the I Ching alike, this course will help you acquire a deeper understanding of the I Ching (Book of Changes). Stuart shares insights not found in any English work. And with the recordings of classes, you can go back to listen and integrate the concepts at more advanced levels as you continue learning.

  • The I Ching is one of the earliest books ever written and is a foundational text of Taoism and Confucianism.
  • With its wisdom on the deeper patterns underlying reality, it has been used in Chinese culture since ancient times to help people make decisions on everything from financial matters to governmental decisions to marriages.
  • The I Ching is the origin of Feng Shui, so this would be a great class to help you further your learning in that as well.

Lesson two of eight was completed last Sunday, August 11th. If you join now, you can listen to the replay of the first two classes and join in live for our next class, on August 25th. You can attend the classes in person or online or watch the video footage that we send to all participants after each class—or a combination of the two.

Stuart Olson’s training with martial applications and philosophical approaches opens gateways for insights into the I Ching that few living today can equal. Often lacking in many current books on the I Ching is the culturally appropriate, historical knowledge of Asian culture as well as practical experience with the subject matter. Stuart gained that experience by learning from outstanding Buddhist and Taoist teachers at the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Talmage, CA, and then through his many years of study with Master T.T. Liang.

Stuart’s 40-some years of translating ancient Chinese texts and also living the life espoused by them give him unique insights into the meaning and interpretation of the I Ching. An examination of Stuart’s many published books, his various workshops over the decades, and his way of life demonstrates an individual immersed in this work.

For the past 19 years I have been interested in the I Ching and have taken courses, and read books from many knowledgeable people, some in the academic field and some with practical experience/knowledge. Stuart Olson stands out in my mind as having the clearest and most detailed explanation, not just of the I Ching, but also of other martial and cultural aspects. All of Stuart’s knowledge is brought to bear in providing the Taoist interpretation of the I Ching.

—David Capco
Former Senior Fulbright Scholar,
Max Planck Institute, Göttingen, Germany
Cellular and Molecular Bioscience Faculty,
School of Life SciencesArizona State University

After knowing and learning from Stuart for about 15 years, we are always thrilled to take one of his new courses because he always delivers steady, reliable and new nuggets of wisdom in each course. The depth of the topics that Stuart covers are so profound, that you truly need a teacher of his caliber and background that you can follow year after year for the growth and assimilation of the knowledge to become embedded.

—Mike Leoni & Colleen Inman
Zen Wellness Medical Qigong

There are many ways to go about studying the I Ching and Stuart Olson offers a unique perspective about how to step into what may well become a lifelong investigation of one of the world’s greatest books.  Make no mistake, it will not be easy.  You will be challenged to actually sit down and think.  Just do it, and enjoy the ride!

—Fred Werner

Seminars will run every other Sunday
in two-week intervals.

  1. July 28
  2. August 11
  3. August 25
  4. September 8
  5. September 22
  6. October 6
  7. October 20
  8. November 3

Required Materials
Book of Sun and Moon (volumes I & II) by Stuart Alve Olson (order here).

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