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Closed-Door Student Internal Alchemy Path

For the first time ever, Stuart Alve Olson will be teaching and guiding a group of students through a long-term immersive course of study and practice of Taoist Internal Alchemy.

For the past twenty years, Stuart has focused on translating and compiling Taoist works on cultivating internal energy, and now he’s ready to transmit these teachings to others.

A Closed-Door Student (關 門 第 字, Guan Men Di Zi) is someone who commits to truly cultivate their spirit with the personal guidance of a teacher over a long-term period.

This program is right for you if:

  • You’ve been practicing consistently for a long time and found that you’ve reached a plateau practicing on your own. You are ready to apply the practices you’ve been doing towards a path of Internal Alchemy but need the right information at the right time and the personal guidance of a teacher.
  • You’ve been practicing on your own on and off, and you feel ready to become consistent in your practice and need the support of a personal teacher and a small group of other dedicated students to help you along the Way.
  • You are ready to focus on cultivating Taoist practices intensively to have a transformation in your health and revitalize your energy and youthfulness. Or you’re ready to shift your approach to life because the norms of our society have not been working for you, and you crave a deeper sense of freedom and peace from within.

As a Closed-Door Student, month-by-month through the year you will receive step-by-step guidance about how to practice Internal Alchemy with the purpose of forming the elixir (developing and combining Jing and Qi) to awaken your spirit (Shen).

Internal Alchemy is one of the natural laws of the Tao for reverting back to the source.

Taoists seek to awaken the spirit to return to the Tao, which means to live in harmony with the spiritual energy that permeates and is the source of all existence. When you live in accordance with the natural laws of the Tao, the underlying nature of all phenomena, you experience clarity and tranquility, wisdom and compassion, contentment, and a state of ease and flow.

Most traditional Taoist texts on Internal Alchemy are written in metaphorical language and students need a knowledgeable teacher to guide them through the advanced-level practices. They need someone who can prompt them to do the right thing at the right time in their individual practice so they can attain the most powerful and positive results.

Without a teacher, you risk putting in effort without it leading anywhere, or having negative results from not harnessing the powerful energy in the right direction.

Stuart has been described as a “Teacher’s Teacher in Taoism” because even the most experienced and knowledgeable teachers find his expertise and guidance so instrumental for their spiritual development.

Program Information

This year-long program starts on January 25th, 2020, and will be limited to a small number of dedicated students. Register as soon as possible to ensure your place in the program.

The Closed-Door Student Internal Alchemy Path includes:

  • Two Group Classes instructed by Stuart per month. These two-hour-long meetings will be recorded through Zoom and all the videos made available through the program portal. This way if you can’t make a class, you won’t miss out on any of the teachings. The sessions will include a teaching component on the aspect of Internal Alchemy that Stuart feels is right for the group and ample time for Q&A.
  • One hour-long Private Session with Stuart each month for you to discuss your cultivation more in-depth and any private issues. This is a chance for Stuart to understand where you are at in your practice and give you the most personalized and detailed guidance tailored to your Internal Alchemy cultivation.
  • One Monthly Group Practice Session of Eight Brocades (via Zoom), and possibly other practices depending on what we are working on at the time.
  • Closed-Door Students will have automatic access to any of the live Nourishing-Life Arts courses that we run throughout the year, including the Women’s Rejuvenation Course (for women-identified people only), Eight Brocades and the Longevity Methods of the 250-Year Old Man and the Advanced Eight Brocades for Internal Alchemy Course that will both run in the fall of 2020.
  • After the Women’s Rejuvenation Course that begins in March, Lily will lead a monthly practice and integration session for women.

The price to participate as a Closed-Door Student of Stuart and the Sanctuary of Tao is $240 a month, or an upfront payment of $2400 (to save $480). As a 501c3 non-profit, all courses and programs run through the Sanctuary of Tao are tax-deductible.


If you are interested in joining, please email us.


If you’ve been studying Stuart’s work and feel overwhelmed by the amount and complexity of the material and have been wondering where to start and how to proceed in your cultivation, this program will provide the necessary structure and guidance for you to progress with Internal Alchemy.

Refund Policy

The information shared in this course is transmitted from teacher to student through a deep commitment of both parties. Therefore, by entering into this program, you are agreeing to the understanding that there is no refund on past payments. The financial investment solidifies your commitment to this path.

If you pay with the monthly installment plan, you can stop at any time without making further payments.

If Stuart is unable to meet his responsibilities, due to unexpected emergencies, he will strive to make up the missed sessions, and if he is unable to do that there will be refunds for the portions that he is unable to fulfill.

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