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StuartTeacherStuart Alve Olson is the lead teacher at the Sanctuary of Tao. He is a translator and author of numerous books on Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, and Taoist internal practices. Since his early 20s, he has studied and practiced Taoism and Chinese Buddhism and has been translating various Taoist texts, conducting lectures, leading retreats, and teaching. More …

PatrickPatrick Gross, main instructor at Sanctuary of Tao, started learning Tai Chi Chuan from Stuart in 1992, becoming his primary student (Da Shi Xiong) in 2000. Patrick has been working with Stuart for over twenty years to preserve and present the teachings Stuart learned from Master Liang and other notable teachers. One of those efforts has been co-authoring the recently-released Tai Chi Changes book on the Yi Tai Chi After Heaven 64-Posture Form. He is also working to create online courses on Eight Brocades, the 64-posture Tai Chi form, and the I Ching.

Lily Romaine Shank read one of Stuart’s books in 2007 and moved to Phoenix from Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2008 to study with him. She helped Stuart, Patrick, and Denis found the Sanctuary of Tao in 2010. She serves as the coordinator of programs and outreach for the organization. She also helps teach male and female restoration and dual-cultivation practices. She currently lives in Minneapolis and offers Massage and Shiatsu Therapy and wellness coaching through her business Yang Spirit Wellness.

Denis Gendron has been a student of Stuart’s since 1985. With a strong interest in the application of breathing techniques in Tai Chi, Qigong, Dao Yin, and meditation, he’s particularly interested in how these breathing techniques can be incorporated to our day-to-day lives. Besides his years of training with Stuart, he is also an accomplished musician, having been a professional drummer and flute-player (he has also written and performed pieces for Sanctuary of Tao). On this website he is featured demonstrating the Four Seasons Qigong exercises. Denis offers group and private lessons in Winnipeg, Canada.

Suzanne Nosko, Spanish translator and artist for the Sanctuary of Tao, recently completed with Stuart the Scripture on Tao and Virtue (Tao De Jing): Escritura sobre Tao y Virtud (Valley Spirit Arts, 2019), including creating the cover art. Suzanne, originally from Miami, now lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a part-time resident of Lima, Peru. As a registered nurse, she finds the Taoist views on health and wellness quite extraordinary and effective, and brings a unique medical understanding to the health and longevity aspects of Taoism. She has long had an interest in Eastern spiritual perspectives, giving her a fuller picture on nourishing body, mind, and spirit.

Bruce Goff has been a student of Stuart’s since 1995, studying the Tai Chi Chuan system along with other Taoist longevity exercises. He has focused on incorporating these various exercises within a very busy family and professional life. Over the years, Bruce has become skilled in many of these practices, and is now available to instruct students in the Yang Style Tai Chi Qigong form, the Yang Style Tai Chi 16-Posture form, Eight Brocades Seated Qigong, and more.


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