Teachers, Staff & Volunteers

StuartTeacherStuart Alve Olson, head teacher and co-founder of the Sanctuary of Tao. Stuart is available for online Skype consultation sessions, and for seminars and workshops.

PatrickPatrick Gross, teacher and co-founder of the Sanctuary of Tao (and Valley Spirit Arts with Stuart Alve Olson). Patrick is available for online Skype teaching sessions, as well as website and publishing services (editing, typesetting, book and cover design, and DVD/CD production).

LilyTeacherLily Shank originally helped organize the Sanctuary of Tao and appears in a couple of Stuart Alve Olson’s books. She currently lives and teaches in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is studying various Asian health-related methods. If interested in learning from her, contact us for more information.

DeniDeni Gendron also helped form the Sanctuary of Tao. A longtime student of Stuart’s since 1985, he is now offering group and private lessons in Winnipeg, Canada. Please contact him for information on scheduling and prices.

Sanctuary of Tao Volunteers and Supporters

Adam Sanders
Marguerite Mullins
Vernon Petersen
Prof. Dave Capco
Javier Grande Osorio
John Orlando
Robert Joyce
Bryant Seals
Sherri Chastain
Barbara Johnson-Stokes
Dan Tilghman
Jeff Upton
Mei Lan Shepherd
Walter Melton

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