The Heavenly Worthy’s Jade Pivot Treasury Scripture

天 尊 玉 樞 寶 經, Tian Zun Yu Shu Bao Jing

The Heavenly Worthy’s Jade Pivot Treasury Scripture was reportedly written by the Yuan dynasty (1271–1368 CE) Taoist priest Xuan Yangzi (玄 陽 子), and is attributed to Lao Zi. The full title of this work is The Heaven of Nine’s Original Response to the Sound of Thunder of the Universal Transformation of the Heavenly Worthy’s Jade Pivot Treasury Scripture.

The very basis of the text goes to the heart of the “Sitting and Forgetting” method of meditation, as demonstrated in the following verse from the work:

The Heavenly Worthy spoke: “It takes sincerity to enter into the Tao. It takes silence to guard it. It takes gentleness to use it. The use of sincerity appears to be ignorance. The use of silence appears to be cautious speech. The use of gentleness appears unskillful. Now when these are thus, you may forget your bodily form. You may forget your own self. You may forget that you are forgetting.”

Jade Pivot Scripture Audio for Contemplation

Jade Pivot Treasury Scripture

Scripture text excerpted from Taoist Chanting and RecitationAudio recording narrated by Mei Lan Shepherd. Copyright © 2011 by Sanctuary of Tao. All rights reserved.

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