The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Scripture

玉 皇 心 印 經, Yu Huang Xin Yin Jing

The author of The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Scripture is unknown. The subject of the work, written sometime during the Song dynasty (960–1279 CE), is about cultivating the Three Treasures. Though drawn from The Scripture on Tao and Virtue by Lao Zi, themes are put into context of self-cultivation rather than philosophy. Written in four-character prose, it may well have been originally written for the sole purpose of recitation. For a more thorough explanation of this text, please see The Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic: The Taoist Guide to Health, Longevity, and Immortality (Inner Traditions, 2003).

Jade Emperor’s Mind-Seal Scripture Audio for Contemplation

Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Scripture

Scripture text excerpted from Taoist Chanting and RecitationAudio recording narrated by Mei Lan Shepherd. Copyright © 2011 by Sanctuary of Tao. All rights reserved. See also the Jade Emperor’s Mind Seal Classic by Stuart Alve Olson (Inner Traditions, 2003).

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