The Yellow Emperor’s Yin Convergence Scripture

黃 帝 陰 符 經, Huang Di Yin Fu Jing

This important scripture was one of the main texts of the Highest Clarity Sect (上 情 派, Shang Qing Pai) founded by Madame Wei Huacun (魏 華 存, 252–334 CE), attributed author of the Internal Illumination Yellow Court Scripture (內 景 黃 庭 經, Nei Jing Huang Ting Jing).It dates back to the Zhou dynasty (1122–256 BCE) and is complementary to both The Yellow Court Scriptureand the Tao De Jing.The main theme is about the Tao of Heaven and how it relates to Yin-Yang theory, the Five Elements, and the organic relationship between Heaven, Earth, and Humanity. The opening verse of the scripture describes the very essence of Taoist cultivation: “Observe the Tao of Heaven [nature] and imitate the workings of Heaven [nature], then all is complete.”

The text is attributed to the Yellow Emperor, the mythical emperor of the “legendary period” (circa 2737 BCE) and author of The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic (黃 帝 內 經, Huang Di Nei Jing). Attributing both texts to him makes sense as they have very close ideologies on attaining immortality. The title “Yin Fu” can translate as “Yin Convergence,” “Unconscious Union,” “The Seen and Unseen,” or “Secret Talisman.” The main idea of the term Yin Fu is to show the mystery of something magical, like the other side of a talisman that is unseen, or its influence in the spirit world that cannot be seen.

Yin Convergence Scripture Audio for Contemplation

Yin Convergence Scripture

Scripture text excerpted from Taoist Chanting and RecitationAudio recording narrated by Mei Lan Shepherd. Copyright © 2011 by Sanctuary of Tao. All rights reserved.

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