Yellow Court Scripture Lecture Series Preview

YellowCourtNeiJingTuStuart Alve Olson’s line-by-line commentary on the External Illumination of the Yellow Court Scripture is available for Celestial Members. Recorded from online classes that Stuart conducted with a student in 2013–14, this commentary on the Yellow Court Scripture touches on Taoist philosophy, meditation, Internal Alchemy, Medical Qigong, and the spirit world like no other Taoist material provides.

Along with his own explanations, Stuart also presents the commentary of Wu Zhengzi, a Tang dynasty Taoist priest, making this an incredibly valuable resource of one of Taoism’s most unique teachings. Almost all Taoist internal alchemy texts have been modeled on the Yellow Court Scripture.

The first recording in the series is available here. See also our blog post on the Yellow Court Illumination Teachings for more information. Sign up for a Celestial Membership to listen to the 26 recordings on the verses and commentaries on the External Illumination text.

First Yellow Court Lecture Recording

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Yellow Court Scripture Lecture Series Preview

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