As of September 1, 2015, the Sanctuary of Tao officially became a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and charitable organization. We have completely restructured our website to provide more information and instruction for our members. We have now added a SHOP featuring Taoist books and products and redefined our two MEMBERSHIP LEVELS. We hope you enjoy all the new changes and programs we have added to the Sanctuary of Tao website.

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Li Qingyun: Longevity Methods of a 250-Year-Old Man

This book provides a succinct organization of materials and advice Li Qingyun provided on the subject for attaining health and longevity. Stuart Alve Olson’s The Immortal: True Accounts of the 250-Year-Old Man, Li Qingyun is a large book covering many aspects of Li’s teachings and life, and since it is a direct translation of Yang Sen’s Chinese editionit can be more challenging to navigate the teachings. Stuart’s purpose in translating The Immortal was to present that work as Yang Sen intended, and he didn’t provide any personal in-depth commentary and instructions to clarify the teachings. This book then fills in the gaps regarding Li Qingyun’s advice and instructions for attaining health and longevity. More …

Chen Tuan Internal Kungfu CoverChen Tuan’s Four Season Internal Kungfu

This book provides direct translations from Chen Tuan’s work on the exercise regimes of the Four Seasons, a series of simple methods that a practitioner applies during each season of the year (or three-month period). Within each season are six additional exercise regimes that run consecutively every two weeks before moving on to the next routine. Altogether this makes twenty-four exercise routines running throughout the year, along with the major one for each season. More …

Refining the Elixir: The Internal Alchemy Teachings of Taoist Immortal Zhang Sanfeng

Refining the Elixir is one of the clearest and most in-depth analyses on Internal Alchemy (Neidan) in English. Aside from the excellent translation work, Stuart Alve Olson provides extensive introductory sections and commentaries on the texts—a wonderful guide for practicing and learning the meditation art and science of Internal Alchemy. Stuart addresses the mystical terminology of Internal Alchemy by explaining it in understandable, detailed, and practical terms. Anyone, no matter the tradition of meditation followed, will find this book inspiring and enlightening. More …

New Celestial Membership Content!

Five Animal Frolics Taoist Qigong Celestial Member Instructional Series

These qigong exercises help promote the circulation of qi within the body, as well as develop gracefulness, flexibility, strength, balance, and mindfulness. The Five Animal Frolics also correlate with the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, and thereby correspond to the internal organs. Each of the Five Animal Frolic exercises act as a preventative and prescriptive health regime for the internal organs. Video lessons on each of the Five Animals (Tiger, Monkey, Bear, Deer, and Crane) are available in the Celestial Member Area.


FourSeasonSquareChen Tuan’s Four Season Qigong & 24 Dao Yin Seated Exercises

The Four Season Qigong Exercises (四 季 氣 功, Si Ji Qi Gong) are a very old form of qigong performed in conjunction with another set of exercises called The Methods of the 24 Dao Yin Seated Exercises (二 十 四 導 引 坐 功 法, Er Shi Si Dao Yin Gong Fa). They are specific internal alchemy (內 丹, nei dan) and external alchemy (外 丹, wai dan) regimes designed for the four seasons of the year and the moon phases of each month.

The Four Season Qigong Exercises comprise four separate regimes practiced daily throughout the four seasons of the year. The first exercise is practiced in the three-month spring season, the second exercise is for the summer period, the third for autumn, and fourth for winter.

With The Methods of the 24 Dao Yin Seated Exercises, two regimes are practiced per month, making twenty-four in total (or six exercises per season). Each exercise is performed during certain starting and end dates that accord with the lunar calendar, and are likewise practiced during specific hours of the day for attaining optimum benefits.

In the Celestial Member Area, simple explanations for all the exercises will be given along with video clips (featuring Denis Gendron and Patrick Gross) for each of the 24 Dao Yin practices. The Spring Season exercises are now available, and the instructions and videos for Summer, Autumn, and Winter will be added soon.

For 2016, begin practicing on February 8th, Chinese New Year Day.

Book of Tao and Virtue Celestial Member Lecture Series

Here is the first lecture in Stuart Alve Olson’s commentaries on Lao Zi’s Tao De Jing. Stuart is recording and posting talks on all 81 chapters, which appear in our Celestial Member Area.

These will be some of the most in-depth lectures on the foundational work of Daoism, as Stuart is gearing all his commentary on being able to apply these teachings towards your own personal practice of meditation and spiritual development.

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