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Awaken Your Spirit and Live Vitally As Your True Self

The Sanctuary of Tao helps you transform stress, health problems, and lack of connection through

• Discovering Taoist wisdom on following the natural Way of the Tao and your personal tao

• Developing a practice of meditation, Qigong, or Tai Chi to nourish your body and spirit

• Joining a community where people come together to learn, practice, and support each other

The Taoist Way to Well-Being

Taoist philosophy believes …

Taoists believe …

Nature has the solution to every problem,

Following the natural Way nourishes the nature within us,

And following our inner nature is living our personal tao.

Living our personal tao in harmony with nature strengthens our internal energies —our Qi (vital energy), Jing (sexual essence), and Shen (spirit).

Nourishing our body awakens our spirit, and awakening our spirit enlivens our body.

This upward spiral allows us to live fully and fruitfully in body and spirit. And appreciate life in all its moments along the way.

What Is Taoism?

Taoism is a philosophy that emerged thousands of years ago in China. Its practical wisdom guides us along a pathway toward restoring ourselves to optimum health and wellbeing, living from our spirit, and experiencing the Tao—a state of oneness with “Infinite Love, Infinite Wisdom, and Infinite Simplicity.”

What Is the Tao?

“The Tao is unknowable, vast, eternal. As undifferentiated void, pure spirit, it is the mother of the cosmos; as non-void, it is the container, the sustainer, and, in a sense, the being of the myriad objects, permeating all.”—John Blofeld, Taoism: The Road to Immortality

This Divine Current [Tao] is above time, space, and ‘existence’ itself but It fills, guides and nourishes the Universe according to Its own laws. It is Infinite Love, Infinite Wisdom, and Infinite Simplicity and contains infinite potentialities. It is beyond the attributes known to the human mind and therefore, Its nature is beyond all comprehension.”—Peter Goullart, The Monastery of Jade Mountain

To learn more about the Tao and Taoism, click here.

What Is Your Personal Tao?

Your “personal tao” refers to each of us, as individuals, finding our own path or purpose in life, according to our personal endowments and affinities. This brings harmony, peace, and contentment in our lives—leading to an appreciation of life and a perception of our immortal self.

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To show our appreciation for our supporters, we strive to add value to your life through the Celestial Member Area, where we:

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  3. Give you in-depth opportunities to engage with the wisdom of Taoist Philosophy.

To continue showing our appreciation, we will regularly add new content to our Celestial Member Area, including the latest talks, webinars, and recordings of various seminars and classes.

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Announcing the FREE 2019 Qigong Tele-Summit

Head teacher of the Sanctuary of Tao, Stuart Alve Olson, recently sat down for an interview with the Shift Network, which will be aired between September 24th and 27th in their Global Qigong Summit. Sign up here to join this Free Summit to listen to the talk and gain insights to help you improve your Qigong practice and life! Click here for more information about the Summit!

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Tao De Jing Class

Celestial Immortals Members are invited to listen live during the recording sessions of the Tao Talks commentaries on the Tao De Jing and ask questions afterwards. This class is free to Celestial Immortals. Gain a deeper understanding of these teachings by immersing yourself in this Tao De Jing Series. Become a Celestial Immortal and join us! Click here to learn more about the class.

Related Class Materials

Recently Released Book: Scripture on Tao and Virtue
 (Tao De Jing): Escritura sobre Tao y Virtud
In the Tao Talks series on the Tao De Jing, Stuart will be giving commentaries based on his translation of the Chinese text. To get the most out of this program, we recommend having his translation to refer to as you listen to the podcast.

Tao De Jing Audio Meditation
We highly recommend listening to the Tao De Jing on a regular basis as the best way to absorb this work. For Celestial Immortals, the membership area contains an audio meditation of Stuart reading his translation of the Tao De Jing accompanied by Taoist-inspired flute music written and performed by Stuart’s long-time student Denis Gendron. For non-members, the CD and downloadable MP3 files are available through Valley Spirit Arts.

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