Eight-Part Intensive Book of Changes Online Course

Instructed by Stuart Alve Olson

This course will cover numerous aspects of the Book of Changes (I Ching or Yi Jing) for both calculation and divination methods. In each section of the course, Stuart will cover one or more areas of study and assign some homework tasks. The entire course will total over 16 hours of instruction. Those who attend all eight sessions and complete the homework assignments will earn a Certificate of Completion. This course is open to anyone with an interest in the Book of Changes. 

Stuart will be explaining many aspects of the Book of Changes not found in materials anywhere else. If you seek to have a deep understanding of the Book of Changes and its two uses of calculation and divination, then do not miss this course!

Stuart will be explaining many aspects of the Book of Changes not found in materials anywhere else, such as correlations with the arts of Feng Shui, Nine Dragon Palaces, astrology, geomancy, also in-depth explanations on “triangulation” used in interpreting hexagrams. In the first session, Stuart will give a very rare, unique, and detailed explanation of the Eight Trigrams. More …

Celestial Membership Content!

Seated Awakening and Illumination Lecture

This video is from a two-hour lecture that Stuart gave at the Zen Wellness center in Phoenix. In it he talks about the philosophy and practice of Eight Brocades Seated Qigong as well as many other related subjects of Taoism, Buddhism, and cultivation practices.

The Great Compassion Mantra

We hope all our Celestial Members will take advantage of this opportunity to learn the Great Compassion Mantra. Studying, listening to, and memorizing mantras is a wonderful and fruitful adjunct to one’s cultivation and spiritual growth.

Video of Stuart Alve Olson reciting the Great Compassion Mantra
from his DVD lecture series on the Yellow Court Scripture.

Five Animal Frolics Taoist Qigong Celestial Member Instructional Series

These qigong exercises help promote the circulation of qi within the body, as well as develop gracefulness, flexibility, strength, balance, and mindfulness. The Five Animal Frolics also correlate with the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, and thereby correspond to the internal organs. Each of the Five Animal Frolic exercises act as a preventative and prescriptive health regime for the internal organs. Video lessons on each of the Five Animals (Tiger, Monkey, Bear, Deer, and Crane) are available in the Celestial Member Area.


FourSeasonSquareChen Tuan’s Four Season Qigong & 24 Dao Yin Seated Exercises

The Four Season Qigong Exercises (四 季 氣 功, Si Ji Qi Gong) are a very old form of qigong performed in conjunction with another set of exercises called The Methods of the 24 Dao Yin Seated Exercises (二 十 四 導 引 坐 功 法, Er Shi Si Dao Yin Gong Fa). They are specific internal alchemy (內 丹, nei dan) and external alchemy (外 丹, wai dan) regimes designed for the four seasons of the year and the moon phases of each month.

The Four Season Qigong Exercises comprise four separate regimes practiced daily throughout the four seasons of the year. The first exercise is practiced in the three-month spring season, the second exercise is for the summer period, the third for autumn, and fourth for winter.

With The Methods of the 24 Dao Yin Seated Exercises, two regimes are practiced per month, making twenty-four in total (or six exercises per season). Each exercise is performed during certain starting and end dates that accord with the lunar calendar, and are likewise practiced during specific hours of the day for attaining optimum benefits.

In the Celestial Member Area, simple explanations for all the exercises will be given along with video clips (featuring Denis Gendron and Patrick Gross) for each of the 24 Dao Yin practices. The Spring Season exercises are now available, and the instructions and videos for Summer, Autumn, and Winter will be added soon.

For 2017, begin practicing on January 28th, Chinese New Year Day.

Book of Tao and Virtue Celestial Member Lecture Series

Here is the first lecture in Stuart Alve Olson’s commentaries on Lao Zi’s Tao De Jing. Stuart is recording and posting talks on all 81 chapters, which appear in our Celestial Member Area.

These will be some of the most in-depth lectures on the foundational work of Daoism, as Stuart is gearing all his commentary on being able to apply these teachings towards your own personal practice of meditation and spiritual development.

Yellow Court Seminar Part 1 — Opening Remarks


On January 28 & 29, 2017, Stuart Alve Olson conducted his first seminar on the Yellow Court Scripture, focusing on volume 1 of the Yellow Court Book Series. This video is a portion of his opening remarks. See the Yellow Court Seminar DVD Series at Valley Spirit Arts for more information.

Check out the Yellow Court Audio Lectures page to listen to Stuart’s talks on the External Illumination of the Yellow Court.

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